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About Us

Founded in 2006 by two experienced consultants, Kay Armstrong and Patrick Ballin, Mile One Limited is a boutique consultancy company providing services in marketing and insight, executive and career coaching, team development, and management consultancy.


We have both enjoyed successful senior management careers in international businesses – Patrick at The Body Shop and Kay at Allied Domecq.

Usually, one of us will take the lead with a client based on our individual strands of expertise. For Kay, the strands are in marketing, branding and consumer insight. For Patrick, those strands include executive coaching, team development, internal partnering and external collaboration. Occasionally, projects come up that allow us to work together for a client.


Much of our work is based around improving internal, external and customer connections and we practice this in the way we work too - working extensively with partner organisations like Aspiring, CoSuccessGlenn P Wallis and Lucid, as part of teams that come together for client projects. You may have come across us working in one or another of those teams.

Read what some of our clients have to say about their experience of working with us.

We enjoy sharing thought-provoking articles through regular blog posts too.

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Kay Armstrong is experienced, analytical and perceptive, with the ability to shine light deep into the world of consumers, brands and working relationships. She adds marketing sparkle and know-how to consumer brands and fair trade boards.

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Patrick Ballin is committed to helping you achieve your organisational and career goals. He knows how to create effective interaction and collaboration within teams, organisations and supply chains. His passion for bringing like-minded individuals together led to founding The Extra Mile, now Success iD.